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About Tracey

For over 20 years, Tracey has developed solid, long lasting professional and personal relationships with her clients. Trustworthy and reliable, Tracey is highly capable in many realms of personal service, consistently maintaining a friendly and positive attitude with each and every client.

How Tracey Can Help You
With dependability and a sincere desire to help, Tracey Yankee is that second pair of hands you need in your life, whose sole job is to make your life easier.  From organizing your home or office, to pet or house sitting, shopping assistance, or healthy meal planning.  Tracey can help bring balance into your life.

Tracey is CaringTrustworthyCapableCompassionatea Problem Solver

Elder Care
Tracey can help care for your elderly family members with day-to-day tasks that may seem daunting, such as organizing, healthy meal prepping and planning, laundry, shopping, errands and companionship and service call assistance.
Scheduling & Appointments
Avoid time wasted on the phone waiting for customer service.  Tracey will make all the phone calls you need, schedule your appointments and make sure they're all included in your calendar.  While you're at work, she can even be available for the cable guy when you can't.
Errands & Shopping
Sometimes due to personal constraints getting to the store isn't easy.  Tracey will pick up groceries, gifts, and even do your returns for you.
Healthy Menu Planning

As a former restaurant owner, Tracey is an expert in preparing and creating healthy food options. She will work with you to develop weekly meals, providing recipes, ideas, and shopping for everything on your list.
Pet Sitting
As a dog owner herself, Tracey loves working with animals, and will be happy to stop by your home to take your dog for a walk.  She will even stay over night to keep your pet company when you're away.
Home Organization
If you need help re-organizing your closets, your pantry, garage or any other part of your home, Tracey will work with you to sort, purge & rearrange.  She will clean and do interior painting and help to bring a sense of comfort and balance to your home.
Empty House Watch & Service Appointments
While you're away, Tracey will check on your home, bring in your mail, water the plants or stay overnight to keep an eye on things.  While you're at work, she can even be available for the cable guy when you can't.

"Tracey painted, offered decorating advice, and
helped to organize my chaotic existence...
all with her patient, cheery personality!
She does it all, just ask!"
-Roxanne Poirier

"There's no one better!"
-Claudia Stroud

Tracey & Dolores

"We've developed such a bond
that it appears you can read my mind.
I can't imagine my life without you."
-Dolores Deabrunzzo

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